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Glengarry Avenue Fire: Once Again

It Happened Again:  Another Glengarry Ave Fire

Once again, an abandoned building in the city's core has caught on fire.  This one happened literally a step from a fire at abandoned houses a few weeks ago.  Fire crews were on scene next to the Casino's parking garage, at the corner of University and Glengarry to battle the blaze.

It's 'interesting' that this fire comes only a few days after a great Windsor Star column detailing a recommendation by the City's Planning Advisory Committee to force illegal downtown parking lots to "pave, or close".  Replanning the muddy lots is a great first step to cleaning up the east section of downtown, or "City Centre East" (Eastern Super Anchor Site anyone?).  But the ideal thing here would be to provide property owners in this area with financial incentives to redevelop the neighbourhood.

There's a great discussion about this area and how land so close to the waterfront can be so worthless, over here at InternationalMetropolis.com.

Tags: city centre east, fire, night

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